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NOTES – Cornell Method Student Name: | Demetris Thompson | Chapter 5 Cue Column | | Notes | * Identify and define various critical – thinking. * Develop and expand study learning * Test taking * Problem-Solving * Decision making skill * Identify define or create thinking * Learning * Problem –solving * Decision – making Strategies that work in a variety of setting * Define learning styles * | | * Feature of Cornell layout recall * Summary brief * Note taking which you conform * Help audience concentrate * What instructor are saying * Cue Column * Outline methods * Describe outline method * Learning of Case Study * Review on Case Study * Explain by learning style and topic * Student understand personal learning styles * Detail about learning styles * Student different learning styles * Student different learning styles * Reading has different learning style in situation * Reading chapter 5 and chapter 8 * Try and understand learning styles * Know your strengthen and weakness for learning style * View material | | Summary | | Cue Column | | Notes | | | | | Summary | I would try to define thing that would help me out .I also would use the cue column and take notes on the notetaking could help me especially with an exam write down question could help me use the lecture to help me with the class. The Cornell method will be great for me and the outline help with strengthen and weakness of the learning style this style would work best for me would be the auditory style and come up loosely so I could hear. Sound out loud. | NOTES – Outline Method Chapter 8 I. Understanding your personal learning styles. a. Lifelong learning b. Learning style inventories II. Types of learning styles. c. Auditory d.

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