Corla Hawkins Essay

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Warm Teacher Jonathan Kozol is a great writer who writes about the life of impoverished children in society. He graduated from Harvard, one of the best universities in the United States, but he tried to teach in a segregated school in Boston. At this time, he began to know about the racism and corruption in public schools. This made him shocked, and this was a motive for him to learn more about the education of impoverished students. The Corla Hawkins story tells about impoverished students. Corla Hawkin in the Kozol story is a nice, warm, hard-working and friendly teacher. She is a 40 year old woman who spends her life helping and teaching students. Without any conveniences that can help her in teaching students, she has to spend her own salary to buy books, tools and anything that can help her students study, but she feels happy about that. She does not teach her students like other teachers, but she has her own way to help her students gain more knowledge and some skills in their life. The three most important things in her teaching are letting her students teach each other, encouraging her students to work with others, and letting them know the importance of communication. First, while reading a Corla Hawkins story, I was so impressed with her teaching because she knows what is the most important of teaching method. She is not a teacher who only teaches her students in her class, but also gets students to teach each other. In her sentence, “The most important thing for me is that they teach each other” (33). I agree with her thinking although she has an unique teaching style, such as dividing her 30 children into 6 groups, and she calls “department”s. She gives every group a subject such as mathematics, math strategy, mathematics art and so on. Each group has to work and do a subject , and they change their group after 15 minutes. Her plan is to help her
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