Coriolanus, the Toy Soldier

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Prof. Rebecca Anonuevo Lovella G. Velasco Professor Student SHAKESPEARE ------------------------------------------------- CORIOLANUS Caius Martius showed his heroic best as a brave and valiant soldier who defended his city, Rome, in the Volscian war at the first part of the play; thus, he was named Coriolanus after his victory on the war at Carioles. Being a fearless soldier ready to defend his country, his contradictory uncaring behavior against the people of his city, and his childish attachment to his mother are issues in the play: Did Coriolanus grow up to be an established and mature soldier, or, he just get older by his age and appearance, got a career, but not still a full-grown man ready to stand up for his own brave decisions and actions? CORIOLANUS, THE TOY SOLDIER Raised by his mother to become a bold warrior and a fearless soldier, Volumnia succeeded in her plan for son Martius who emerged victorious against his fight with Tullus Aufidius as she even feels thrilled in her son’s wounds which she thinks are useful basis in his becoming a consul ( 2.1.118; 143-47). This odd behavior of Volumnia towards his son seemed ruthless compared to the behavior of an ordinary mother whose aim is always for the good and protection of her child. Could this peculiarity of mother-son relationship mean selfishness of the mother by controlling the life of her son? Could it be that her behavior is not to feel triumph for the son but to feel victorious for the fulfillment of her own selfish ambitions through manipulation of her son’s life? Was Coriolanus conscious in his growing years that he was being build up as a soldier by his mother for her own ambition? Consequently, after his heroic deeds for his country, Coriolanus was offered an award to become the consul. But despite his detest not to the consulship but to
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