Corellational Study: Relationship Between Teenagers And Violence

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When the police chief of New City stated that she recognized a direct relationship between teenagers getting arrested with violence shown on public television, a corellational study was created in order to suggest that there is a connection between the two variables. These studies are made to explore the statistical connection between the variables in different population groups and estimated exposures in those groups rather than within individuals. To facilitate this study, there needs to be an operational definition of the variables which identifies one or more specific observable conditions or events and allows the researcher to measure that event. Teenagers are adolescents who are at their most vulnerable stage, are easily influenced…show more content…
These shows lead the children to believe in aggression, which is defined as the behavior intending to bring harm or negative consequences to others. The operational definition in this case is how much television teenagers watch. The selected participants would be teenagers, who are between the ages of 13 to 17 years old, and there would be a random sample in order to fairly represent a population so that each member has an equal chance of inclusion. Once all the participants write down what their favorite television shows are, they are told that this is a corellational study to make the connection between violent shows and teenagers getting arrested. Then the teens are now asked to write down whether they have been arrested in the last five years and that this would not be publicly shown, in case the teens are not comfortable with the other teens knowing. The two research ethics that should be considered in order to run this test are that the information about the subject is completely confidential even though there can be a mutual agreement that it will not be, and that the subjects are well informed of all aspects of the research that might affect their willingness to participate. These are because some teens that did get arrested might not feel comfortable with others knowing

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