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CYP CORE 3.3 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 Laws, Legislations, etc with regards to Safeguarding The safeguarding of children is more than keeping them safe from abuse e.g. sexual abuse or neglect , any kind of service that is involved with working with children and young people has a much bigger job than protecting them against neglect and abuse some of them jobs are : Children been bullied by other children or even there parents or careers Missing children Children that are been forced into marriage or pregnancy Children been used in sex or drug trafficking It is very important that anyone who is working with children and young people that they can tell if a child is at risk of harm or in serious danger, the quicker it is seen the better the outcome for the child. Within my own work settings we have strict procedures to follow to make sure that the children in our care are been protected, there are people and services put in place to help with this. DCSF –Department for children schools and families. Local authorities Within in my own work settings as well as all child services we have guidelines to go by to ensure and keep on improving the safeguarding of the children: Child protection Health and safety Going on outings Visitors entering the building Risk assessments e.g. for example before we outside for outside playtime a member of staff will go outside and fill in a risk assessment sheet to make sure the gate is locked and there is no harmful piece objects outside before they play. In a unfortunate case when a child has been seriously hurt or even died a inquires and serious case reviews are called, there is a set-up of professional services such as social services have to go by the legsistration policies and procedure’s . Sadly sometimes the policies and procedures fall through and it is

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