Core Conditions and Core Skills

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Core Conditions & Core Skills According to Clinton, Ohlschlager, & Centore, building an effective caring and counseling ministry starts with the counselor. As well, a Christian counselor that demonstrates spiritual maturity, and emotional health possess certain characteristics that reflect “core conditions” and “core skills” such as: * Genuineness. The Christian counselor must live out the change he/she desires to see in a client. We must practice what we preach, so to speak. * Warmth. The ability to promote a sense of comfort in the client”. A gentle and caring approach helps to establish a rapport with the client. * Positive regard. The Christian counselor listens in a non-judgmental warm way to the client. The counselor knows when to “hold-off” on conviction, and just console a grieving client for the time. * Support and challenge. The Christian counselor support clients through tough circumstances they are dealing with, while at the same time challenging their destructive behavior and lifestyle. The “core skills” demonstrated are noted in the way the Christian counselor: * Urge the counselee through responsive behaviors that range from “comforting,” “consoling,” “encouraging,” and “beseeching,” or “admonishing.” * Warn the client through a “confrontational style of directive challenge to root out sin and follow the right path” (as sited in Clinton & Ohlschlager, 2005). In other words help point the counselee in the right direction. * Encourage the counselee to step out their comfort zone, and learn new ways according to Christ (step out on FAITH). As well, comforting the counselee in moments of deep grief. * Help someone who is weak and in need of assistance, as well support them spiritually. * Be patient and not expect too much too soon from the counselee. Several other “core skills”
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