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STUDENT PROGRESS FILES: PDP Forms A and B Student Entry Profile and Record of First PDP Meeting (Level One) Student Details: |First Name: | |Family Name: | | |Registration Number: | |Mentor: | | |Programme: | |Date of First | | | | |Meeting: | | |Phone/ Mobile | |University email: | | The purpose of this form is to gain an insight into your background and your level of skills at the beginning of the current academic year. Please use the Skills Self-Evaluation form to identify your skills strengths and weaknesses prior to completing the Learning objectives section of this form. This form will be used as the starting point for discussion in your first meeting with your mentor who will support and guide you in planning your development objectives during the academic year. Part A of the form is for your mentor to gains some insights into your background and also for you to begin to think about possible objectives for the year. Part B of the form is intended to assist you in planning strategies in order that you may achieve your objectives You are asked to submit a paper copy of Parts A and B by 24th November 2008 to the Learning Resource Centre and also to submit an electronic copy on the Assignments section of the Core Business Skills (UGB 103) WebCT/ Sunspace site. It is essential that you submit in both formats. You should retain your own copies of both for your own

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