Coraline: Analytical Essay

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Pedro Muñoz 12/10/12 P.7 Coraline Analytical Essay In the movie “Coraline”, Tim Burton used the dark lighting in order to make the viewer feel a menacing and foreboding mood throughout the movie. For example, whenever Coraline had entered the Other World, the area in which Coraline’s Other Mother and Other Father lived, it would always be at night. Even when she was in the normal world, it was dim and there was an overcast which gave the viewer a sense of insecurity and sadness. Such use of dark elements in this film emphasizes a foreboding feeling throughout the whole movie. This also reflects Tim Burton’s way of thinking and represents his life. Overall the dark lighting creates a gothic and dark mood throughout the film. Additionally, Tim Burton had used strange music throughout the film to set an ambiance that demonstrates the intense emotions that occur in each scene. For instance, when Coraline enters the “Garden” in the Other World for the first time, the music gives a sense of awe, magic, and peacefulness. Also, whenever the cat had appeared near Coraline, there was a low music that was played. This music used certain instruments that had created a mysterious yet serene mood when the cat was in the area. The use of the music is effective in making the viewer feel the certain emotions that had occurred in the scene that was being watched. In general, the strange music played throughout the film and portrayed the emotions of each scene. In addition, Tim Burton had used the Other Mother and the Other World as a metaphor to a spider creating a web of lies. This is illustrated when the Other Mother shows her true self, she is depicted as a spider, and had created a fake world to please Coraline; in other words she had constructed her web of lies. Using this “web” the Other Mother had attempted to trap Coraline in the Other World in order to eat

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