Coral Reefs Essay

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Coral reefs make up 1% of the ocean floor. They are usually found in oceanic settings and continental shelves more common on the eastern shore. Coral reefs can range from the surface to 150 feet deep. It has an average temperature above 67 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius). Also, reefs have a salt water concentration of about 35-38 parts per thousand and a relatively high oxygen concentration. Coral reefs house about 25% of ocean life. Many marine life use it as a resting area. The most common animals are the corals. Other animals include sponges, worms, sharks, snails, octopus, and more. All the marine life works together in symbiosis, helping and protecting each other. These animals obtain food and oxygen with the help of plants in the biome through photosynthesis. Some of the plants include zooxanthellae, algae, seagrasses, and phytoplankton. Another important factor to keeping the marine life alive are the warm currents and shallow waters. The warm currents allow them to receive calcium to grow. The waves also bring in food, nutrients, and oxygen. The shallow waters allow the reef to receive the sunlight it needs to perform photosynthesis. The three types are coral reefs are fringing reefs, barrier reefs, and atoll reefs. Fringing reefs are shallow and closer to the shore. Barrier reefs tend to be farther away from the shore and may contain a deep lagoon, separating it from the shore. Lastly, the atoll reefs are ring shaped, located around a deep lagoon. Atoll reefs can be found in the area near volcanic seamounts or islands deep in the

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