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Cora Unashamed Between the story and the movie, Cora Unashamed had a variety of similarities and differences. Throughout both the story and movie, Jessie was a special character, not quite like everyone else. Mrs. Studevant may have had good intentions for Jessie, but she came off as overbearing. Cora seemed to have a better connection with Jessie. In the movie, Mrs. Studevant was so caught up in her image and what others thought of her, she overlooked the well-being of Jessie. Mrs. Studevant also did not care for Jessie’s interest in a boy who she did not approve of. Her dislike was present in both the story and the movie. There are undeniable differences in both the movie and story. From the beginning, Jessie was always considered different. She was not the smartest of the Studevant children. While her siblings went off to college or to begin their careers, she was slow in her studies and ended up spending an extra year in high school. Since she was different, her mother treated her as so. She kept trying to hold Jessie to a standard that she would never meet. The more Mrs. Studevant would push her, the more Jessie would be attracted to Cora. When Jessie would get bad grades or had bad news, she would have Cora tell her mother instead of telling her mother herself. On top of Mrs. Studevant being so overbearing towards Jessie, Cora basically raised her as her own, so there was a special bond that was built between the two. Carver 2 Carver 2 Mrs. Studevant seemed to be a very shallow woman in both the story and the movie. She only acted on things that would benefit her, and she just loved the fact that Mr. Studevant was able to provide her with items that other women in her area had yet to receive. She also always compared the achievements of the other women and their children to her own. She was so worried about what the women she knew would think of her, or

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