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Risk Assessment: Cor Pulmonale NR 282 Pathophysiology II Spring B – 2013 Cor Pulmonale Introduction My patient is a 42 year old Hispanic female with a past medical history of pneumonia and hypertension. She is a single mother with one child (son) and is employed as a cleaner in a general hospital. She denies smoking but drinks alcohol occasionally. She denies using recreational drugs. The patient presented to her physician’s office with shortness of breath, chest pain, excessive coughing, and excessive fatigue and states that, “she has fainted on occasion before”. The patient looks very weak and flushed. Her son accompanied her to the doctor’s appointment. After diagnostic testing, the patient was diagnosed with Cor pulmonale. Risk Factors The inability of the right ventricle to properly pump blood in the arteries leading to these abnormally high pressures is known as cor pulmonale. The means the right side of the heart has a harder time pumping blood to the lungs causing pulmonary hypertension. Risk factor that brought about the disease or increased the patient’s chance of contracting the disease is the female that she is that makes her to cough excessively which can affect her lungs. Other risk factors of the disease are common in older adult, young female, and also a family history of the disease. Alterations to Risk Factors Risk factor as modifiable can be chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or pulmonary embolism. These listed diseases are associated with chronic lung disease. Non-modifiable risk factor can be age and sex. According to Mayor Clinic, young women are at risk for this kind of disease. (Mayor Clinic, 2014). As for measure or intervention that could be done by the patient to decrease his risk of advancing the disease process is to exercise as tolerated and make sure the lung is functioning properly as expected and not

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