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Copyright Law and the Inetnet Walter Oruam IT/236 2/6/13 Thomas Schalk Copyright laws, they are the constant thorn in the side of the creative mind. When you are making a website, this is something you have to put into consideration. Much like someone who write a research paper, or someone who creates a news article, you have to give credit to where credit is due. However it goes even deeper than that, at times some people just don’t want their copywriten material used on any other website other than their own personal site. This and many other things should be put into considerations when one deals with copyright and website creation. The following paper will explore this to help you avoid these laws, keep you out of legal trouble and, help you maintain your creativity while staying within your legal rights. Copyright law is basically a law that gives the owner of any kind of material five specific rights to do whatever they want with the material they have created and own. These five rights are: the right to reproduce, the right to prepare derivative works, the right to distribute, the right to perform, and the right to display. The right to reproduce copyrighted work pretty much means what it says; the person who owns the material has the right to reproduce it and make as many copies of it as they want. This is probably the most important of all the fight copyrights because this is the law that gives the owner absolute power over their material and these days that is very important. The right to derivative works means that the owner has the right to make anything related to the original material such as translated material, digital media, movie rights and things of that nature. Right to distribution gives the owner the right to distribute the material publicly or release it in a limited release fashion. A good example of this is when

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