Copyright Issues Essay

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Copyright issues In recent years with the fast developing speed in the world, there are a lot of new industries coming out of many countries. Because of the society that developed very quickly the law can not control all areas. For instance, the music industry includes he writers and players making up a new music scores or songs. There are some people that copy the original creation without permit by the owner. This is a problem. Should the record industry sue infringers? There are some people that think so, and people that don’t. Hanson and Rosenthal focus on the history of copyright lawsuits. Previously, they debated promotion on the internet, webcasting economics, the distinctions between online and broadcast radio, and whether webcasting should be open to hobbyists. There are many reasons for the music industry to sue copyright infringers. In recent years, record sales have fall on sharply, with people downloading music from the Internet. People go to the record stores to buy CDs less and less. “The root cause for a drastic decline in record sales is the astronomical rate of music piracy. Computer users illegally download more than 2.6 billion copyrighted files (mostly recordings) every month. At any given moment, well over 5 million users are online offering well over 1 billion files for copying. Firstly with the internet developing the users always download the translation without copyright. That is a large group people. It means the music industry company will download more than 26 billions translation every month” (Bainwol). This condition will let the music industry lose a lot of money. The authorized translation need to pay the money. If the users download the unauthorized translation then they can save a lot of money. If only a small member of people use internet download illegal translation will not damage the music industry lose
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