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1- Post a two-paragraph discussion as to why copyright protection lasts longer than patent protection and whether this should be the case. It is correct that copyright protection lasts longer than patent protection. In the case of copyright, it was seen that society did not have as strong a need for collective ownership of a piece of writing or an image as it did for inventions. Addition to this, copyright covers those things, which have less commercial success than do patents. Society does not get much affected by the copyright protection. So copyright allows the writer to claim his or her property rights for a quite long time. This is not the case with the patent. Patent lasts for maximum 20 years. In case of patent it was felt that there was a stronger reason for a good idea not to stay in the developer's pocket forever. For one, if it really were a good product, the developer would be expected to make some kind of return on the product. Addition to this, there was good economic reasons to keep a single person from being the sole source of a given product forever. Allowing eventual competition allows prices to become lower and quality to remain high. If government begins to provide copyrights for longer duration, then it can lead to monopoly of a particular brand. This will also discourage the other companies to spend less on the research and development. So it is better for the common public to minimize the patent protection for short duration of time. 2- Post a two-paragraph comment about whether the concept of strict liability is fair or unfair to both businesses and consumers and why Answer: Strict liability is the imposition of liability without fault for damages on the defendant. Strict liability law is very balanced law in United States. It is fair to both businesses and consumers. The law is

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