Copy Right Law Essay

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1. 2. The two primary functions of the pinnae are to amplify sound and locate sound. 3. The ossicles transmit mechanical waves by vibration of the ear drum to the oval window of the cochlea. 4. Lower frequencies result in maximum amplitude near the distant end of the basliar membrane. High frequency sound produces peaks near the oval window. 5. The franssen effect is and auditory illusion where the listener incorrectly localizes a sound. It was found in 1960 by Nico V. Franssen. 6. 7.Formants are defined by Gunnar Fant[->0][1] as 'the spectral peaks of the sound spectrum |P(f)|' of the voice. Formant is also used to mean an acoustic[->1] resonance[->2],[2] and, in speech science and phonetics[->3], a resonance of the human vocal tract. It is often measured as an amplitude peak in the frequency spectrum[->4] of the sound, 8. The boost in the ear's frequency response at 3 kHz is due to the resonance effect which increases the sound pressure. 9. stereocilia are similar to microphones. they convert mechanical vibration into electrical signals that initiate neural discharges to the auditory nerve and the brain. 10. A transfer function is the process that occurs when acoustic sound is being converted into electrical energy. There are 3 bones located in the middle ear that help with the process, the malleus, incus, and stapes. 11. sound is [->0] - [->1] - [->2] - [->3] - [->4] -

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