Copper Sulphate Preparation

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Copper Sulphate Preparation Introduction/Background Information The importance of knowing the yield when you’re working in industries is so you can purify the copper and reduce its cost and energy used. Preparation- Is a Solution- Is a mixture of solid (s) dissolved in liquid Filtration- Is the physical separation technique for separating solids from liquids. Crystallisation- Is when regular shaped practical of solid (crystal) are formed by heating or evaporating a solution until it becomes fully “saturated” with solid. It is different to the amorphous (irregular shaped) appearance of the solid particles in of precipitatecompounds/sample correct color. Aim The aim of the experiement was to prepare copper sulphate crystal using copper oxde and sulphuric acid. Hypothesis Risk assessment Physical hazards are things that may cause a slip, trip, cut, electrocution, blindness, etc. I have looked at some With chemicals you should consider how easily they could escape from their container and contaminate the environment, how readily they could enter the human body and what the consequences of this are. Biological hazards may be air borne or absorbed through the skin and include not only infectious and pathogenic agents but also many organisms that should not be released to the environment. Discard your samples down the sink with plenty of water. Fair test To make my experiment as fair as possible, I will have to keep the following procedures:- • Record the correct measurement and the right equipment required. • Clean any equipment before I use it to prevent contamination of the solution. • The experiment must be carried out several times to confirm whether my results are correct. Apparatus Spatula- Some spatula is used to collect the solids so some of the solids might cross contamination.

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