Copper In Environment Essay

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Trillions upon trillions of cells, each of them cooperating with one another performing millions of reactions each second within our body in order to keep us functioning, within this fragile chunk of meat that we call our human body. Did you ever stop and wonder though, about the delicate balance that must be kept within our bodies? The fact that our bodies last as long as they do, say seventy years or so, without minor injury, such as a cold here or there, or a scrape or two, but then we bounce right back without even an afterthought of how complex the “ecosystem” within ourselves is that allows us to do this. But what if the balance was shifted out of normal conditions just slightly? I mean sure there are factors like colds that do this, but those threats are eliminated immediately, but what if we alter not only the environment within ourselves along with that of the one around us. By which I mean shifting the pH of the nearby environment slightly, by as little as .2pH units or more. Sure it does not sound like much, but in reality, a pH change of even .1 in humans is devastating, which is why in this particular report I am going to cover a few different topics. These topics are the different effects acidic rain and environment has on the animal population, different physiological factors this has on the human body, and the effect it has on the nearby environment. Little furry creatures, like bunnies, foxes, and the occasional owl; don’t we all just love them? And what about the other ones, like frogs, fish, salamanders, and insects, creatures with no marketability, all have a similar trait, they cannot have drastic changes in environment, otherwise they die (except frogs). Yes, just like humans, animals too cannot have drastic changes in their nearby environment, otherwise they too perish, or simply move to another area because their food source may

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