Coping with Stress Essay

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Coping With Stress Stress is claimed to be one of the leading causes of deaths to Americans today. The negative effects of stress also result into drug and alcohol abuse, depression, over eating and weight gain. So many different types of stress exist, such as work, school, family and relationships. People in my opinion today, have to deal with more personal stress because of social media outlets like face book, twitter. One of the top stressor in my opinion is work. Everyday people are expected to work and perform at their highest level regardless of what’s going on in their personal life. Job strain is characterized by low decision latitude and high job demands, including competing demands. These things can take a toll on you both mentally and physically creating a constant stressor and lack of production in the work place. Work-life interference is another factor of stress; it is the spillover of responsibilities with work and home, like having to call in to take care of your child when sick. Other reason of work related stress is work discrimination and job securities. Work discrimination is still in the work place today. Being discriminated because of your sex or race makes your life that much more stressful and difficult to perform your duties. There are many ways to combat these stressors and help you get through them in a positive manner. One way that is highly effective is taking the mental and spiritual approach. When at work it is very difficult to separate your personal life and produce at a high level. A mental technique to help you elevate the stress of home at work is to live simply. Practice eliminating unnecessary things and obligations. Learn to say no. Prioritize. Make commitments only to things you have to or want to do (Donatelle, 2010, para. ). Practicing these techniques will help you focus more at work and allow you to take care of issues

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