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Sopheak Keo ENG 091 Ms. Bank September 09, 2011 Coping with Stress What is a definition of stress? It sounds like a strange question to ask people. If you ask ten different people, you’ll get ten different answers. Everyone experience stress differently so we all have our own way to dealing with stress. My ways of coping with stresses are socialize, exercise, and read. There is nothing more fun than to hanging out with friends and have a good laugh. When I am around my friends, I would forget what I am stressing about because I would have had too much fun. My friends always find a way to cheer me up when I am down. They make me feel comfortable enough to talk to them about my problems and help me fight through it. Exercising is also another way for me to deal with stress. When I go for a nice long run, it helps me clear out my head and concentrate on my breathing to help push myself forward. Doing exercise help me release my anger and calm me down. It’s also help me stay fit and healthy. When I play sports, the competition helps me to just keep my head in the game and forget what I was even stressed about. Lastly reading is my thing to do to help me relive my stress. There is nothing better than come one day from a long day of work and sit on a couch and read my favorite book. Reading help me clear my mind and relaxed me. I love to read because I can be in my own little imaginary world and forget about everything else. No matter what I do, it may seem like I cannot stop getting stress. New problems always show up in life and give me more stress. The best way for me to deal with stress is to identify the cause of the stress and find a solution that work best with it. And learn to manage my stress better by taking control of my emotional, my schedule, environment, and the way I deal with

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