Coping with Infertility Essay

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Coping with infertility Coping with infertility Infertility is a difficult issue for men and women to cope with when they are trying to conceive. “Infertility, the inability of a woman to become pregnant after one year of regular sexual intercourse without contraceptives, is perceived as a problem across almost all cultures and societies” (Lykeridou et al., 2011, p. 1972). This is an extremely sensitive subject, and several studies have been done about how individuals deal with this issue. Support systems and developing healthy coping strategies can help a person get through the diagnosis of infertility, as well as the treatments that can be involved. Social class can even play a role in how well a person deals or copes with this issue. A good question to ask would be: how can nurses play a positive role in the lives of people dealing with infertility? A cross-sectional study was done in Greece to help answer questions about how individuals dealing with infertility coped with what was going on. Psychologist and counselors were not readily available at the clinics that were studied (Lykeridou et al., 2011). The participants in this study were ages twenty-five to forty-one, with the majority of the women being over forty-five. All of the women had to be able to read and write because they were given a questionnaire to fill out. These women all lived in Greece, and were actively seeking infertility treatment (Lykeridou et al., 2011). It was predicted that women of lower social classes would be more likely to use the avoidance strategy. Avoidance is a coping strategy that has been a theme in previous studies done about coping with infertility. It was also a theme that was seen in this study. There are two types of avoidance coping strategies that people use. They are “active-avoidance (e.g. avoid being with pregnant women or children) and

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