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Coping with Grief-Book review Tonya Sahl AP Psychology 2-23-13 Abstract This book is about coping with various types of grief. It shows how different people deal with different types of grief in different ways. Some people reacted badly and others were able to deal with their grief fairly easy. This book is meant to help people understand that it’s okay to be upset and to let people help you through your time of need. It’s not a replacement for a good psychiatrist or a counselor. The first section of the book was about the death of a parent, there were a number of case studies showing different ways that people cope with death and depression. Some knew that the death was coming so they didn’t take the news as bad as the ones that…show more content…
At first when he was called to the office at his school he thought he was in trouble but his father was there to break the news about his mother. When he first found out he couldn’t believe that his mother was killed by a drunk driver and he was angry at his father and the drunk driver. But in time he learned to live with his dad and get along with him. So there are different ways of coping with the death of a parent, some people are withdrawn and don’t interact with anyone, while others are more apt to get help with their problems. I have learned that it’s not good to withdraw from activities and people and that it’s much better to be open about your feeling because there is always someone that is willing to listen to you and help. The second chapter is about coping with divorce and separation of parents. People also react differently to divorce and separation. Some feel that it’s not fair to them because they may be used as a tool to get back at the other parent or be used as a messenger because the parents don’t want to talk face to face. It may also leave someone feeling torn between parents because they don’t want to pick one over the other. It also may come as a shock because the child didn’t see the fact that their parents were having problems. And another thing is that the parents may start dating each other again after the divorce, or start bringing overnight visitors…show more content…
I have also learned that different people respond differently to different situations. Some handle situations well, some do not. I’ve also learned that suicide really doesn’t help anything it makes things worse because it can have a so called “domino effect” where if one person commits suicide someone else won’t be able to stand the guilt and would commit it themselves and so on and so forth. I recommend anyone who has lost a loved one, someone close to them or even maybe a pet, and are looking for advice, to read this book. It is full of helpful tips and suggestions for dealing with grief and

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