Coping with Grief Essay

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Coping with Grief-Book review Tonya Sahl AP Psychology 2-23-13 Abstract This book is about coping with various types of grief. It shows how different people deal with different types of grief in different ways. Some people reacted badly and others were able to deal with their grief fairly easy. This book is meant to help people understand that it’s okay to be upset and to let people help you through your time of need. It’s not a replacement for a good psychiatrist or a counselor. The first section of the book was about the death of a parent, there were a number of case studies showing different ways that people cope with death and depression. Some knew that the death was coming so they didn’t take the news as bad as the ones that didn’t know that it was coming. The first case study was about a girl who lost her father to cancer when she was fourteen years old. She didn’t realize the extent of her father’s illness and thought that when he spent the holidays at home instead of in the hospital that he was getting better when in fact he was there because he didn’t have much longer to live. After the death of her father the girl went to her room and wouldn’t eat or drink anything and cried non-stop for the rest of the day. Then she talked to her mother about how she felt. Death of a parent is never easy to deal with even if you think you’re not close to the patent that has died like in the second case study. This girl’s father was a drunk and a drug addict, she lived with her mother and only saw her father rarely. Her father was beaten to death over a bad deal. At first she didn’t believe that he was dead then she was mad because she didn’t get a chance to tell her father how she felt about he lived his life and that she was disappointed in him. However she learned that just talking to air when no one was around helped her feel as if he was listening to what

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