Coors Molson Merger

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COORS MOLSON MERGER FEBRUARY 28, 2010 Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ii SCOPE 1 INDUSTRY 1 Top 5 Brewing Companies 1 The Beer Brewing Process 1 The Brewer to Retailer Process 3 Beer Importers 3 Beer Wholesalers 3 Beer Retailers 3 COORS 4 Marketing 4 Information Technology 4 Financial 5 MOLSON INC. 5 Marketing 5 Information Technology 5 Financial 6 MOLSON COORS MERGER 6 Four Objectives of Molson Coors 6 Goals from Molson and Coors 7 Coors Goals 7 Molson’s Goals 7 Merger: Good or Bad? 7 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This document analyzes two world renowned brewing companies, Coors and Molson, in their achievements and efforts as individual companies in order to gain an understanding of the merger between Coors and Molson. The beer brewing industry is briefly reviewed in terms of the top five brewing companies in the world along with the information and beer brewing process flows of the industry. Marketing, information technology, and financials are elaborated upon for Coors and Molson. These three key aspects of each company are compared and contrasted in order to come to a positive decision about the merger. Finally, the merger is concluded to be a great decision for the two companies. SCOPE The merger between Coors and Molson are highlighted in this document. In order to come to a decision about the merger, the companies’ top competitors are mentioned. Information flows, as well as beer processing flows, are discussed. The two companies are then compared in terms of their marketing, information technology, and financial information. Finally, a conclusion is drawn upon by the team in terms of whether the merger was a good decision for Coors and Molson. INDUSTRY Top 5 Brewing Companies After the merger was announced between Coors and Molson, Coors-Molson became the fifth largest brewing company in the world. It is preceded

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