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Coors beer has been around since the 1800s and is now the fourth largest seller of beer in the country. Larry Brownlow who is obtaining a Masters in Business Administration, is deciding to become a distributor of Coors beer in Delaware. Brownlow has $15,000 to use towards research. He attained the services of Manson and Associates, a research supplier to prepare a proposal to determine the market potential of a Coors beer distributorship. Manson and Associates research proposal provided extensive data using a two-stage study. This left Brownlow with the difficult task in deciding on the most appropriate studies that would turn in to profit, keeping in mind budget and a short timeframe to respond. Manson and Associates proposes research based on two stages. The first stage is secondary data from the Manson Computer Models, studies A - F. The secondary stage is research based on primary data. In order to help Brownlow decide if he should move forward with the Coors beer distributorship, he should select several studies listed in the proposal that is within his $15,000 budget. The appropriate course of action to take and is more feasible is selecting studies A - E, H, and I. The total cost for these studies came to $12,500 well within his budget goals, leaving $2,500. The first two studies from Manson and Associates is Study A, National and Delaware per Capita Beer Consumption for 1988-1992 and study B, population estimates for 1985-1995 for 2 Delaware counties in market area. These two studies collectively see how many gallons of beer are consumed by the age population of 21 years and older in both counties. This report provides the amount of consumption in this population and gives an approximate number to calculate profitability. The per Capita Beer Consumption and population estimates studies are extremely important to help Brownlow determine his

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