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Walter A. Barnes Jr. North Brunswick Schools Case: Improper Handling of Person in Special Needs 4/10/2011 Let me begin by thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter. This is a complaint in regards to my son Walter A. Barnes who is currently assisting North Brunswick Schools. In February, I happened to get a phone call from my son’s school in which I was 5 minutes away from arriving to and the school nurse tells me over the phone that my son is suffering from hives which we all know are red welts symptoms on the surface of the skin which causes itching and could be an allergic reaction caused by medication. Once I had arrived to the school, my son Walter wasn’t at the nurse’s office, so I decided to wait for about 15 minutes longer until my child finally came. Immediately, in front of the nurse I searched his body for hives to find out he had absolutely nothing irregular on his skin from what the school had told me. This is only part of the reason I am reaching out to you. During the school term of 2009-2010, right before the school had begun and they had offered school training for my son Walter another problem evolved. On October 13th, we sent the school a fax to the case manager stating to kindly postpone the October 15th session because my son had a development appointment at Mountainside Hospital on October 15th, 2009. The case manager whose name is Jennifer Williams decides to return the call on October 14th around 8PM to my husband’s job number and leaves a message stating that I have to be at the session on October 15th. First of all, she returned the call a bit too late and when my husband is not even at work at that time. Secondly, why would she not even try to contact us by cell phone or home phone when she has these numbers? I had arrived to school on October 15th at 8:30 AM with the fax I had sent and my son next to me. Mrs.

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