Cooperative Learning Essay

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Cooperative learning is an effective teaching strategy in which small groups of students, each with different abilities and strengths use an assortment of learning activities to increase their understanding of a subject. Each member is responsible for learning what is taught and for helping teammates to understand and learn the information by clarifying and explaining; this creates a sense of achievement. Students work through the assignment until all group members successfully understand and complete it. Cooperative determination results in contributors endeavoring toward a mutual benefit allowing all group members to gain from the collective efforts. They all recognize that each member of the group share a common fate. Students gain the knowledge that one's performance is mutually affected by oneself and one's team members. Group members gain a sense of pride and celebration as a group when a single member is recognized for achievement. Students working in cooperative learning environments learn that teamwork is essential in the workplace. Most projects need different kinds of experts, or at the minimum a division of labor. Communication, cooperation, and the ability to assess and delegate are all needed jobs skills learned in cooperative learning situations. Outside of the workplace, it is generally necessary to have skills to enable you to get along and communicate with other people. “Cooperation in the Classroom “, a handbook for cooperative education stresses that the most successful individuals in business, research, and school are the least competitive (Johnson et al., 1998). Cooperation in the Classroom David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Edythe Johnson Holubec 1998 Interaction Book Company Edina,
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