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Cooper A. Background on the author * Born 1789, James Fennimore Cooper was born in Burlington, New Jersey. His family soon established itself near Lake Otsego in central New York, in what is now called Cooperstown. His father Judge William Cooper was a wealthy landowner and judge, but the Cooperstown of the time was something akin to a frontier settlement. James attended Yale at the age of thirteen, but was expelled in his third year (1805) for committing several pranks. He worked on sailing ships, merchant vessels and then in the U.S. Navy. After seeing some of the world, he returned home in 1811 to marry Susan De Lancey, a woman from New York's social elite. The De Lancey's were Loyalists during the Revolution, and lost a lot of property with the British defeat. As a young married man, Cooper strove to overcome the meager resources of his own family, as well. He took up writing, apparently, on a challenge from his wife. B. Author’s major works and awards * The leather stocking tales C. The title and the genre of the selection which was assigned * Historical novel and Adventure fiction D. Setting * Glimmerglass, in the New York colonies, near the Hudson River - 1740-1745 E. Characters * Natty Bumppo (Deerslayer) – the main character and honored man * Henry March – A frontiersman, a bounty hunter * Judith Hutter – Unmarried daughter of Thomas Hutter * Hetty Hutter – the adopted daughter * Chingachgook – the Indian guy that helps them * Thomas Hutter – the “Father” of the two girls * Rivenoak – the chief of the Hutton tribe F. Brief summary of selection and its main points * The Deerslayer is an exciting story about the adventures of the woodsman known as Deerslayer and his Delaware Indian friend, Chingachgook. They meet at the lake to plot a rescue of Chingachgook’s betrothed, a Delaware girl who has

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