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Stephan hinojos Ms.Stanton Honors English H-2 12/8/11 “Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.” In the stories, The Odyssey, and The Alchemist, Santiago and Odysseus both travel on epic journeys. On their journeys to their own personal treasures they both confront many mythical, and earthly obstacles, either saving themselves, or other people. These obstacles gave both characters heroic characteristics. Some more meaningful than the others, but other people also had benefits of their actions. Although both characters, Santiago from The Alchemist, and Odysseus from The Odyssey, had heroic characteristics along their epic journeys, Odysseus stands out as the superior hero. The epic journey made by Santiago in The Alchemist, although engaging in heroic activities during his adventure, what he is seeking will not benefit others; it will only benefit himself, which makes him an inadequate hero. The moment that Santiago realized that he needed to pursue his epic journey to his treasure was when he traveled to a gypsy dream reader. This reader ended up telling Santiago that his dream would come true if he reached the place he was seeking.(13&14) This caused Santiago to begin his journey to his treasure. On his way to his treasure, Santiago was forced to take refuge in an oasis during a war between tribes. As he learns more about the language of the world, he can read its signs, whether that sign may be of danger or good. He read a sign that told him the oasis was going to be attacked and informed the chief. Turns out that they did get attacked and they were prepared due to his warning. He saved hundreds of people.(105-113) This was one of the only times that the trait of a hero was presented in Santiago. Although Santiago did have some acts of heroism, the story of a whole was how he wanted a nice box of

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