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Verse one Bitch im a motherfuckin goblin a a badass robin but shit a robin is a fuckin bird yea so im a fuckin goblin Bitches on my mind they got me yelling witches, riches in my face I don't see the problem Niggas get stiches and I put em in these ditches I'm steady fuckin these bitches and still steady duckin these fags, I'm here to save the the rap game like the fucking justice league. Welcome to my life it's time to get a knife your going to fucking die Time to get a wifeshes going to fucking miss you hold up did I forget to say ill fuck her later don’t be a hater your already gone so it doesn’t fucking matter what you think bitch What the fuck does my life mean by that shit it don’t mean a damn thing but that’s another fucking story Mean whileill tell the story of a friend I use to have. yeaa Verse two His name was fucking bob he was awesome at first I mean damn he was my main man but ya know shit changes He kept stealing my bitches from right under my noise fuck that shit I let it go then this nigga had the nerve to say I was soft call me a little bitch man fuck that shit but I wont let that shit get to me then he had the nerve to fuck my best female friend against her own will. Sounds like rape fuck yea but he told her don’t tell a soul she fuckin tells me and I fuckin see him I punch this nigga in the face then I kick him in his balls he don’t need them hes a bitch then he cryed and says calm the fuck down I spit in his face then stomp on his nuts and that’s the story of my ex fucking friend I mean do we really need best friends After all that I had to beat his bitch and heat this dick by shoveing it in that bitch cuz I will never eat that bitch yeaaa Verse three So my female friend named Kelly I call her kels she fuckin calls me and tells she she said fuck her when she did bob I just gasped and said bitch why you lie but I didn’t fucking

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