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ass Media November 3rd, 2011 Chapter 8 Review gatekeepers- media people influencing messages en route. news- a report on change objectivity- a concept in journalism that news should be gathered and told value-free. soft news- geared to satisfying audience’s information wants, not needs. yellow period- Late 1800’s, marked by sensationalism. aggregation sites- news sites that regurgitate news compiled from elsewhere or that offer pass-through links to other news. Alien and Sedition acts- Discouraged criticism of government. Distributive journalism- Information included in news from widely diverse sources of unchecked veracity. investigative reporting- Enterprise reporting that reveals new information, often startling; most often these are stories that official sources would rather not have told. Watergate- Nixon administration scandal. Bob Woodward- Bernstein’s colleague in the Watergate revelations. Carl Bernstein- Washington Post reporter who dug up Watergate. Herbert Gans- Concluded that journalist have mainstream values. James Gordon Bennett- Organized the first methodical news coverage. John Peter Zenger- Defied authorities with his New York Journal. Rachel Maddow- an American television host and political commentator. What contemporary news practices are rooted in the major periods in U.S. journalism history? Since 1690, there has been one news practice that is now an American tradition. This practice is known as the newspaper. In the colonial period, Benjamin Harris published the first newspaper in Boston. In 1733, John Peter Zenger started a paper in New York to compete with a Crown-supported newspaper that existed during that time. Zenger’s New York Journal was backed by mostly merchants and lawyers who despised the royal governor. Through the Stamp Tax and Alien and Sedition Acts, the

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