Convicted Felon Research Paper

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Convicted Felon It seems that no matter how good a person can be, when such person commits a crime he is no longer a person but something else. Something more like an animal, regardless of the crime or the severity of the crime, or at least that’s the way people who commit crimes are treated in jail, by officers by jailers and by the court. The first indifference one notices is that of the officer’s who make one seem and feel like the worst person on earth not even knowing who the person is or what he is made up of. To them he is just another idiot breaking the law and as respectful as that person can be he will not receive it back from them. As a criminal a person gets shackled up and pushed around with no consideration of pain…show more content…
When looking for a job I always has to label myself as a convicted felon on the job application and even though it says that that won’t matter in the decision to get hired, it does. It does because with that label in their eyes I am basically an irresponsible person, an irresponsible citizen, a felon. I did get hired for a job and after getting hired I was honest and told the owner my situation. As soon as the owner heard that I was a felon she fired me in that instant. Why? I am a convicted felon and that was enough for her to judge me without even knowing the person that I really am. Not many companies like to have criminals working for them. Some companies will not even let a felon apply for a job because a mistake like that made in life labels a person as a criminal, which in their eyes makes him unworthy of such job. When people find out that a person is a felon they stereotype and won’t even care to meet him even though he is actually a nice, respectful, responsible, and smart person. As a felon a person looses the right to vote, which is something I don’t yet understand, but a sort of indifference I will always see in society for the rest of my
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