Conveyor Belt Project

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Conveyor Belt Project Part 2 1. When is the project estimated to be completed? How long will the project take? The project is estimated to be completed on 02/02/2012. The project will 530 days. 2. What is the critical path(s) for the project? There’s only one critical path: Architectural decisions - Hardware specifications - Hardware design - Hardware documentation - Integration first phase - Serial I/O drivers - System hard/software test - Network interface - Integrated acceptance testing. 3. Which activity has the greatest amount of slack? The activity of “Utilities documentation” has the greatest amount of slack with 115 days. 4. How sensitive is this network? In general, the more number of critical paths, the higher the sensitivity in a project. Since the particular network has only one critical path, the network is…show more content…
The network diagram shows logical relationship/sequence and the dependencies among the various activities that take place within a project using chronological flow from start to finish. It shows how the various activities flow from start to finish and could identify the critical path for the project. However, a network diagram does not reflect the activity timing directly, especially if there are two activities that may or may not be executed at the same time. A Gantt chart primarily displays the activities (works) breakdown and the associated durations and milestones. Since it’s highly visual, this could be used to show the progress of each activity throughout the project in one place. However, a Gantt chart does not directly show the dependencies between tasks or the critical path. Gantt chart also could potentially be overly complex especially for complex and large projects (hard to read into huge amount of information and may miss critical milestones or
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