Conversations Between Genders Essay

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Osborn 1 Julie W. Osborn Professor Ford Fundamentals 27 March 2012 Conversations between Genders Men and women have their own opinions of what should be discussed in conversations. Women want to talk about everything with men, and their best friend. Men don’t discuss everything with women they have buddies for that. A woman starts a conversations during breakfast, and the topic may be of no interest to her husband, so he continues reading the paper or checking his e-mail while she becomes annoyed. She tells him how she feels when he ignores her, but he assures her that he has heard every word she as said. Then he brings to her attention the conversations he has with her while she is multitasking, and reminds her that he knows she is listening, so she should know as well that she has his attention during a conversation. Deborah Tannen, talks about the difficulties that men and women have talking to each other in her article Sex, Lies and Conversation. This article gives several examples of how communication between men and women needs improvement. Men and women have difficulty communicating because they read body language differently, they have inherently different social groups, and they expect different things from conversation. Osborn 2 To begin with, communication between men and women can be complicated because they perceive body language differently. For instance, men listen in silence while women respond with noise (203). Women like to know that men are listening even if they interrupt, but men become angry when women interrupt with the slightest action of assurances. Men generally tend to stand or sit with their arms crossed during social gatherings while women are more opening armed and receptive. Historically males

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