Conversation: the Difference Between House and Home? What Do You Prefer?

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-A : Hello C+D , what are you doing? -C : Hi, Twins. Well, we’re preparing for the Speaking midterm test on next Wednesday. But we still have a lot of questions to make it good. -B : Can we help you to do it? -C : Yes, of course, you’re so kind. -D : Hi, then can you give us your opinion about the different between house and home? We did answer about this question are the basic difference is that a house is a physical building, it’s made of bedrooms, kitchen, living room. It’s more objective, while a home is where you live, where you feel comfortable. This can be an apartment, it can be a castle, a mansion, a cave or even a trailer. -C : Otherwise, I think a house is a structure you live in that provides for your basic needs and safety. A home is a place that provides you mental and emotional support, a place you look forward to being in to get away from the outside world. But perhaps it’s lack of something, so we need your comment. -A : In my opinion , a home has family, love, and fun. A house is lonely and just provides you with shelter and what you need is love and family. A home is cozy and loving but a house is nothing, just furniture. At a home you do special things like for my family we go out to a restaurant for someone’s birthday. Home is really special. Full of memories both happy and sad ,right, Twin? -B : That’s right, Twin, and when you have just a house you have nothing. It’s cold, and there’s no love, and nobody cares about you. At a home there’s so much love you can’t hold it all. It just flows around you. There is something to look forward to. At a house you don’t really get anything back except shelter, and shelter is nothing compared to a home with family and love. -C: Thanks. Your opinion help us a lot. -A + B : No problem. -D : Hey girls. Do you think you are very harmonious ? -A : Of course. We are TWINS. -B: Right, right, right,

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