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The Conversation is a classic film, one notable for its remarkable sound aspect and themes of paranoia. Both characteristics have been seen over the years in several films subsequent, even over three decades later in a film starring Will Smith called I Am Legend. The reading passages mention that the theme of paranoia is used within the movie, The Conversation, likewise as it is used in the movie I Am Legend. I Am Legend is about a man who believes he is the last human on earth accompanied by the nightcrawlers/zombies, so of course it’s expected that the theme of paranoia would be used throughout the film. The particular scene where the paranoia theme is prevalent is the scene where Will Smith is driving down the street in his jeep talking to his dog, Sam, about his birthday; he looks to his left and he sees a mannequin that he has “befriended” over the passed three years just sitting in the middle of the road, miles away from where it usually is. He starts to scream and that’s where we get our real display of his sensitive side and a true feel for the loneliness he had been suffering for the past three years. In turn, in the movie The Conversation the paranoia theme seems prevalent, especially after is pals play the trick on him that night. From here on, the movie is centralized around this paranoia theme. Harry starts to snoop a little further than what he can handle and gets wrapped up in more than he thought he would. The Conversation used the element of sound to drive the movie being that the main character, Harry Caul, is a surveillance specialist. The opening of the movie includes sound pieces that actually make you feel like you are there with the actors. The movie focuses on key phrases to enrich the plot. For example, the phrase “He’d kill us if he had the chance” was one of the key aspects in making Harry go into a frenzy about the surveillance job he

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