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Conversational Styles In each country in the world, there are many conversational styles to use in our communication . In my experience, after I was studying and had lived in the United States for a while, my English gradually improved to the point where I could take part in simple conversations with my college teachers, my host-family, and my American friends. And I began to notice that often, when other Americans were having a conversation, they would invite me to join in. However, in the Eastern conversational style, we are too shy to talk to strangers. Finally, after listening carefully to many English conversations, I discovered what my problem was. Even though I was speaking English, I was handling the conversational in an Eastern way. Therefore, the differences between the conversational styles in the United States and Hong Kong are the cultures, the attitudes, and the behavior. The conversational style in the United States makes a lot of impact on the Asian students. First of all, in the United States, Americans prefer communicating quickly. They really hate quiet in their conversations because it makes Americans feel nervous, embarrassed, and uncomfortable. However, in Hong Kong, we love silent conversations because Hong Kong people prefer communicating slowly. We need some time to think about other people's ideas or opinions when we discuss something in our conversations. Therefore, the turn “Halt” is very important for Asians when they are chatting. Moreover, the conversational style in the United States is so quick and smooth when Americans discuss something. If they introduce a topic, they expect us to respond it immediately. Also, if we agree with them, they don't expect us simply to agree and do nothing more. However, the conversational style in Hong Kong is very slow in their culture.

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