Conventional Tipping Essay

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Imagine this you put on your best clothes, do your hair in the best way possible, your driver waits for you near the gate in your fancy car, you get in and make your way to a fancy 5 star restaurant, you reach the hotel, get out of your fancy car and stride towards the door. The door opens for you and you enter dripping with attitude, air and graces from head to toe. Pause here for a moment remember how the door opened for you? I don’t think you noticed the doorman. Let’s get back to him later. You choose the best seat in the house and order your food and until it arrives you tap away on your Blackberry. Your food is served Bon Appetite as you sink your teeth into sinful delights. After you’re done with indulgence you ask the waiter for the cheque. You throw in your credit card, sign the bill, and take out your fat wallet and place a few bills because you liked the service and you’re in a generous mood. You make your way out again, pass the doorman without a second glance. Typical. Where did your generosity disappear while you walked out the door? The waiter inside gets paid pretty okay but the doorman gets paid peanuts.A smile and a thank you cost nothing but do make his day. All I want to say is “Tip wisely and tip those who truly deserve it.” Because it is always best to appreciate the services you

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