Conventional Farming Is Better Than Organic Farming

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DEBATE Good morning one and all present here, today I Moitrish Sinha of class 10 a is going to speak in favor of conventional farming What we are doing with new agricultural technologies has positive as well as negative consequences. It is not easy to decide what is good and what is bad, but if we analyze the positive as well as negative aspects of the way that we produce food, perhaps we will be able to improve upon good things and reduce the impacts of the bad Today with conventional farming it is possible to produce much larger quantities of food, on less land and with less input of certain resources and manual labor than ever before in the history. With rising food costs and millions of people starving all over the world, it sums like we have a moral obligation to use conventional methods to produce large amounts of food at affordable prices. When best management practices are used for organic crops, overall yields are still 13% lower than conventional farming. If you listen to many of the current debates over agriculture and food, you believe there are only two sides: those who support organic farming and those who support conventional farming- with no common ground between them. But the fact is, a lot of organic food is grown using conventional farming techniques. At this moment we are focused on finding solutions for the issues we face in agriculture today but we know that to focus only on our present obstacles would be short-sighted. We have our eyes on the future and with the aid of our talented workforce and robust research and development platform we’re working toward producing more, conserving more and improving lives. In order to feed the worlds growing population, farmers must produce more food in the next fifty years than they have produced in the last 1000 years combined these yield gains will come from a combination of advanced plant
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