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Brian Powell’s Unit 5 Manager’s Toolbox Conventional Versus Integrative Thinking Part I: Within our class group, many times we are challenged by individual schedules that conflict with other classmates schedules to regularly meet. This has hindered the group’s ability to effectively meet to complete and discuss the class simulation. The main issue is how to work around personal schedules in a group. Part II: Step 1: The Salience is how do we work around schedules? Conventional: Every classmate has their own personal and professional life that does not work parallel to the other classmates. We as a group can go ahead and work without some people and proceed without group mates. Integrative: The classmates live in different time zones which make it more inconvenient for the rest of the group. Being able to have access to the internet during a specific time of day creates challenges for the rest of the group. We can create visible weekly available time tables for each person. Step 2: Analyzing Causality Conventional: As all of the classmates have full time jobs in the morning, one variable is less time for group activity in the morning until six o’clock at night. The second variable is the class has recommended deadlines for assignment, one Saturday and one Wednesday; this is a great opportunity for group mates to meet up, but also decreases our personal time to work on personal assignments. Integrative: Half of the group lives in the central time zone which makes it harder and later in the evening for the Eastern Time zone group mates to participate in many activities. Most of the group mate’s work during the day, so having access to Kaplan online is very difficult. Having one person ask the professor for help and relaying the information to the team will create better clarification. This

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