Controversy of Hip Hop Essay

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Controversy of Hip Hop How you ever ask your self of what kind of impact the music of Hip Hop has base on its lyrics in society? For the lat ten years Hip Hop has state as one of the most popular, and successful type of music here in the United States. Artist’s successfully becoming rich in short amount of time as a result of selling millions of copies of albums. The music of Hip Hop has been a controversial topic for many years because of its offensive lyrics, and influence of violence to the public. Activists fighting to pass a measure in congress that would restrict rappers from using dirty lyrics. There goal is to save the reputation of Hip Hop and stop the usage of cusswords, and offensive messages to certain groups. People would not stop acting violent, if censorship is enforced to Hip Hop because there are other factors that contribute to the issue. First, censorship is not the answer to solve the issue of a violent society. In the quote, “For any genre to be a viable art form freedom is required. Hip Hop would certainly not have become as popular as it is without the unrestrained and controversial” by J-Ro article #30-32. In response to this quote, the reason why Hip Hop is popular is because rappers have the freedom to write lyrics that is full of cussword and tends to capture the attention of young people. Rappers write about what happens in the club, in the poor neighborhood, and women. This particular topic relates to how millions of teenagers and young adult live their lives. It is a cycle that artists use dirty lyrics to get peoples attention and sell millions of copies of albums using the same idea. Most young adults do not look for the message in hip hop songs, is more like they look for fresh bits and the cusswords that a rapper has to say. Furthermore, if censorship was enforce to Hip Hop artists would not sell as much albums normal

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