Controversial Television Advertisement

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Controversial Television Advertisement Robert Hampsten Com 120 Due January 14,2007 Controversial Television Advertisement How many times have you been sitting in you couch with your children watching there favorite show with them? Then the show cuts out and the commercials start. The first commercial is a Ford commercial, advertising there new sedan. The second is one about the latest action figure. Then the third one you see actress Paris Hilton wearing a skin tight swimsuit, washing a car. She makes sexual motions and has that sexy body language. At the very end of what seems to be a soft-core porn ad, Paris Hilton takes a bite out of a Carl’s Jr. Spicy Burger. Now is this what you want your young, influential child to be seeing while they are in the middle of watching there show? That is one of many examples of television advertising pushing the bar. Advertisements don’t have to worry about getting a rating like regular shows or movies. You don’t see, “this commercial is TEEN” or any little indicators to tell you that this commercial is not safe for your child to see. The industries itself are the solo people that take charge and regulate the commercials. Who sets these standards? And who makes sure they follow these standards? These are all great questions and we will find the answer to these questions more when we dig deeper into the world of televisions advertising. First thing we are going to do is explain what a commercial is and a little history on commercials. A television commercial (often called an advert in the United Kingdom) is a form of advertising in which goods, services, organizations, ideas, etc. are promoted via the medium of television. Most commercials are produced by an outside advertising agency and airtime is purchased from a television channel or network. The first television commercial aired at 2:29 p.m. on
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