Controlling Stcoks and Supplies Bsbmed304B Essay

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Controlling Stocks and Supplies BSBMED304B Task 1: Maintaining stock levels Sourcing stock – item prices Part 1 – Log onto the Vitalmed website as follows: Name three suppliers of masks. 1. 3M 2. Kimberly-Clark 3. BSN medical Part 2 - In this section, you are required to go to two different medical supply websites and provide the cost of specific items. The first site is At this site, find the cost of the following items. Indicate whether the cost is per item, or number of items (for example: per box of 100). • Theatre Mask Med-Con $75/CTN of 50 • Gammex PF Surgical Gloves $95/box of 40 (Sterile, latex, powder free) • Insulin Syringe $25/box of 100 (1ml) The second site is At this site, find the price for the following items: • Pharmatex Latex Powder Free Gloves Box/100, MED970011 (no longer available) Substitute with Innova Latex Powder Free Gloves Box/100, MED97004 $8.25 (inc GST) • Heart Rate Monitor, MED2452 (no longer available) Substitute with Polar CS300 Heart Rate Monitor, MED24561 $168.80 (inc GST) • Nursing Utility Bandage Scissors (any colour) $7.95 (inc GST) Task 2: Receiving and storing stock Develop a checklist Using the following points as side headings, include at least two points to follow for each type of stock: • General stock - Condition and current use-by date should be checked. - Store stock in appropriate locations following the enterprise’s Occupational Health and Safety and security procedures. • Specialist stock - Special storage facilities should be made available, e.g. refrigeration - Poisons must be labelled distinctly and must be stored separately away from products used routinely • Using stock within the correct timeframe - Check use-by dates on all stock regularly - The first in first out

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