Controlling Organized Crime

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Controlling organized crime Controlling Organized Crime Paper CJA/384 October 11, 2012 Professor Roux Controlling Organized Crime Paper In this essay we will first identify the problems that are presented and established by organized crime. Organized crime has invaded nearly every part of our society, we look at drugs, we look at the corruption of our slowly degrading neighborhoods, and we see the impact of how crime that is organized settles in and corrupts neighborhoods, and the people who live in the. We have learnt how social institutions with regard to organized crime set up themselves in neighborhoods and become the main source for everything less desirable. It is here where they control the crime in the area, even as far as how stores can make extra money while allowing illegal activity to take place. The fact that drugs are put forth in the community is so that there will always be a need for dependency upon those who set up the criteria for how they want to infest a community. The police are often a part as well, as they too can be bribed and paid off. Many store fronts can open up in a neighborhood, stores that may look legitimate to someone that does not live there, but many times the police, as well as the neighbors know what is going on behind closed doors. Now this is not to say that all police get involved in this kind of activity. However, it does show the power that organized crime can have, even controlling those in law enforcement. One of the things that you will not see in an organized criminal community is community policing, because there is no need for them, and if you do see a police officer, it will basically be the same officer all the time, who typically knows about any corruption that might be taking place. A theory like the one mentioned above is the “Alien Theory”, this theory shows that it goes into a neighborhood,

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