Control Mechanism Essay

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The information contained within this summary is an analysis of the effectiveness of various control mechanisms used within five different organizations, namely a luxury hotel, a laboratory, a farmers market, a law firm and lastly a mining organization. The focus will be on Bureaucratic, Marketing and Clan Control, in an effort to point out performance standards, communications, employee acceptance of control, accountability, and effectiveness of an empowered workforce. Major Points Bureaucratic Control One organization in this summary, the laboratory, uses bureaucratic control by performing annual evaluations of employees. The principle investigator and a representative from the laboratory will perform the evaluation based on the organization performance standards. This evaluation is a means of justifying whether the employees have satisfied the requirements during a fiscal year. The organization will reward a certain percentage of salary an employees as a merit increase based on performance appraisals. The principle investigator communicates with employees about their evaluation to assess whether improvement or correction is needed before it is submitted to the organization. Marketing Control Performance Standards for all of the other organizations are currently being measured with the use of Score Cards with set goals and Margins of Measurement where inventories, sales and buying levels are measured. There are several topics of measurement for each employee’s Score card, such as, maintenance compliance, equipment availability, safety expectations, technical skills, personal goals, and division performance. If the division performs well and/or an employee excels above expectations, the Score Card allows compensation in each category of 120%. Where Margins of Measurement is used the measured value of control is based on controlling product waste,

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