Control Freak Essay

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I will be the first to admit that I have a slight tendency to be somewhat of a “control freak”, perhaps even a perfectionist at times. Some may argue that those two traits are not something to be frowned upon. However, when they reach a point where you allow those characteristics to define you as a person, you only have two options- embrace it, or like in my experience, let it overcome you and ultimately drive you directly into the one concept you fear the most- failure. Throughout high school I was consistently involved in the student leadership program. This program was divided into multiple sections, such as spirit, community, current events, and a number of other subjects. Around the start of my junior year, the committee chairs for student leadership opened due to the previous members graduating. Landing a title as a chairman, and obtaining a position of authority has always been something I’ve gravitated towards. So naturally, I sign up, grasp the position, and in turn of course let the authority go straight to head. On that note, my schools annual Club Awards were rolling around the corner, and this event was entirely my responsibility to orchestrate. The rational thing to do at this point would be to assemble a committee to assist me in the preparation of this event, and delegate specific duties that needed to be fulfilled in order to accomplish the so called “vision” I had for this big event. My main expectation was to of course avoid any sort of failure at all cost, and to achieve near perfection in every aspect of the event. The idea of having full responsibility over something holding so much significance at my school, as well as the idea that the critics would report directly to my work sent me on a mission to do whatever it took to be successful, even if it meant that I accomplished it all on my own, and even if it meant that I stayed at

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