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Contribution of Social Networks to Our Life As technology has been developing over the years the interest in social networks, so as their popularity, has grown. Normal, daily, face to face communication is now completed with a virtual one. More accurately, everyday communication has reached another level and has evolved from being mainly marked as a spoken discourse to being a mixture of the written and the spoken one. Social networks have made our communication a lot easier, more complex, richer, and their usage in many purposes is now a part of everyday life. The main purpose of social networks is communication. By communication it is meant that people interact, exchange information, and maintain relationships with people whom they care about. Although, some people say that social networks destroy youth, nowadays they are spending their whole day on the internet nurturing their virtual friendships instead of real ones; they are actually complementing their social lives. For example, by using social networks we are able to make new friendships with people from all around the world. We are no longer limited to society that surrounds us and we are able to expand our circle of friends. Being in contact with people from different countries and with people who nurture different cultures is now considered as…show more content…
Information is easily available, our communication is richer, a circle of friend is bigger, and even our future brighter. By brining technology into our homes and developing social networks, new opportunities have been opened and the old ones made more accessible. It seems as if the whole new world was created and introduced to us, a world that simplifies the real one. In my opinion, social networks are not harmful for our social lives. It is in people’s nature to socialize, have relationships, enjoy a real life, and it will never be fully replaced only richer and easier with contribution of

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