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HLTWHS300A – Contribute to WHS processes: Assignment 2 What you have to do You need to have read through the learning material for HLTWHS300A – Contribute to WHS processes - and any additional resources on the OLS before commencing this assignment. This assignment has two (2) tasks that need to be completed. Task 2 in this assignment should be completed in the workplace. How you will be assessed This unit is competency based. In order to be deemed competent in the unit you must satisfy all elements specific to the unit, the essential knowledge and the critical aspects of assessment in a range of situations. Each assignment has been developed to cover these criteria and your OTEN teacher will review all assignments and approve your overall result to deem you competent in each unit. Please reference your work. Referencing guides are available on the OLS under Assessment Guidelines. Task 1: WH&S Legislation List the legislative acts that apply to Work Health and Safety in your state or territory. * Work Health & Safety Act 2011 Task 2: Risk Management Processes What you have to do Students are required to implement a risk management process in a workplace in consultation with the organisation. Students are required to complete the WH&S Risk Management form and arrange for a supervisor to sign the statement agreeing that the risk management was undertaken in the workplace. A workplace can include a community service organisation, any place of employment, a school or a detention centre. WH&S Risk Management | Name of organisation: * Fusion Western Sydney- Wiggling Wombats | Hazard Identification | Description of Hazard (Include the type of hazard): * Power points without safety covers, Physical hazard | Location of Hazard: * Various locations on the walls at wiggling wombats

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