Unit 8 Health And Safety Level 2 Answers

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Rebecca Morris NVQ Level 2 Unit 8 Contribute to Health and Safety in Health and Social Care Be able to Move and Handle Equipment and other objects safely 5.1 The Legislation that was put into place that relates to moving and handling is The Health and Safety at Works Act 1974, there was also The Manual Handling Operations 1992 (amended 2002). Legislations were created in order to keep workers safe within their jobs, ensuring risks and injuries were kept to a minimum. 5.2 The main principle of moving and handling as follows; Ensure the item is not to heavy, is stable and not like to move Handling aids should be used for all heavy or awkward items All routes to be cleared of obstruction Area where item is being placed should be prepared Stand as close the item as possible, with feet spread to shoulder width Knees to be bent and try to keep back in normal upright posture Tight grip of the item using legs to lift the load in as smooth a motion as possible Carry load close to the body with elbows in, avoiding any twisting motions as possible…show more content…
When assessments are carried out it looks at many aspects, the task in hand, the actual load, the working environment and also the workers capability and needs. It is important to reduce the risk of hazardous manual handling for all employees, this could be by ensuring correct posture is maintained and lifting techniques; working within a team; using mechanical aids, eg hoists, slide boards/sheets; changing the approach to the task; following appropriate systems and agreed ways of working; reporting any other hazards
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