Contrasts and Comparisons Between Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea Exploring the Theme of Child Hood

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In this essay I will show the contrasts and comparisons between Jane Eyre and wide Sargasso sea exploring the theme of child hood At the beginning of Jane Eyre, she is shown at Gateshead hall with the Reid family. The whole family is shown through favouritism shown when John Reid abuses Jane ‘....’ and Mrs. Reid doesn't believe her because she favours John since he is her child and Jane behave toward John makes Mrs. reed send Jane to the red room. Jane is treated badly and is looked upon as a servant when she is with the Reid family because she is an orphan. She is only related to them because Jane’s mother was Mr. Reid sister who was disowned from the family after she eloped with a clergy man, Jane’s father. Jane lives with the Reid because after her parents died and Mr. Reid was on his death bed, it was his dying wish that Mrs. Reid treats Jane like her own but Mrs. Reid does not fulfil her promise to her husband since she sends her to Lowood School. Favouritism is shown in wide Sargasso sea when Antoinette’s mother pays more attention to her brother, Pierre but after his death in the fire, her mother rejects her completely shown, ‘then ‘No no no’ very loudly and flung me from her’ In Gateshead hall in Jane Eyre, Bessie was one of the higher servants that looked after Jane and was the only one that actually cared for her until she was taken to Lowood School, but you only see Bessie in Jane childhood at Gateshead hall and one while Jane is a governess for Mr. Rochester to give her news about the Reid family. Christophine was a servant like Bessie who worked for Antoinette’s family and was her only friend, ‘....’ Christophine is very proud person who was very independent ‘All women, all colours, nothing but fools. Three children I have. One living in this world, each one a different father, but no husband, I thank my good. I keep my money. I don’t give it to no

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