He Was The Officer Corps In The Two Men By Michael Wheatley Analysis

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The way Michael Frayn presents the relationship between Stephen Wheatley and Keith Hayward towards the beginning of the novel the two boys are good friends, but Keith is the leader and Stephen is the led. There is a big difference in the social status of the two boys. Keith goes to the 'right local preparatory school' and wears yellow and black which are the 'right' colours whereas Stephen wears green and black and goes to the 'wrong' school. The difference in Keith and Stephen's social status reflects on their relationship. “He was the officer corps in our two man army. I was the other ranks- and grateful to be so.” This shows that Stephen understands the difference between him and his friend and he is satisfied with this position.…show more content…
It is largely Stephen’s interior monologue that presents the relationship to the reader but Stephen also reports his and Keith’s dialogue to the reader. This means that the reader has an intimate relationship with Stephen and unavoidably sympathises with him and his relationship with Keith. This first person narrative allows the reader a graphic insight into Stephen’s feelings of shame and humiliation when teased by Keith. Its not only there personal relationship which portrays Stephen as being inferior but also there social status, where Stephen and his family are present to us as being a lower class, this refers back once again to the “wrong” and “right” school, because his brother Geoff went to “wrong” school and therefore its implied that Stephen will almost certainly follow suit. It’s not only his social status but also his social behaviour, for example how he always takes orders from Keith and the way he feels he has to change his appearance when entering Keith’s house almost as if he feels he’s not going to be

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